Looking at custom rims today? Wheels are the defining characteristic of a car; they’re what make a car roll so that it can get you wherever you’re going. In other words, if your car doesn’t have wheels, it isn’t going to get you very far; in fact, it isn’t going to get you anywhere!

A car’s wheels are comprised of several different components, and the rims are one of the most important. The rims are the outer circular diameter or the circumference of the wheel where the rubber padding (the tire) is molded into. A rim is a vital part of a wheel because, without it, the proper fitting between the wheel and the tire would not be possible. Rims not only play a part in the stability of a vehicle but also impact the overall look of the wheels.

Choosing the best custom rims

  • Consider the diameter of the rims you have and the rims you want
  • Consider offset (the distance between the surface of the hub-bearing and the centerline of the rim) and backspace
  • Bolt patterns have to be a precise match in order to properly fit your car
  • Be sure to choose the right mounting in order to prevent imbalance or potential vibrations while driving

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