Wheel repair keeps you safe on the road. If you’re thinking your wheels might need to be repaired because they seem to be having unusual issues that you’re unsure of how to fix, don’t be alarmed! We’re here for that.

The wheels of your vehicle are an essential part of your car being able to function properly. Their correct functionality is necessary not only for the aesthetics of your vehicle, but for your own safety when driving as well.

Signs to look for when your wheels may need repair:

  • If the body of your vehicle vibrates while driving
  • If your steering wheel vibrates
  • If your rims are no longer round
  • If your tires are unevenly worn out
  • If the tires don’t seem to hold air as long as they should or used to
  • If you begin to hear unusual sounds, like grinding, whenever you drive faster, turn, and/or break
  • If your vehicle seems to drag on one side when you brake

If you notice any or even one of these signs of wheel damage in your vehicle, please do not hesitate to reach out to us as soon as possible to get going on customized wheel repair. We’ll efficiently and effectively get you back on the road safely.